Friday, March 19, 2010

Hurrah for Universal Sports!

When the switchover to digital TV happened, and I finally got my digital converter box to work, it was small pile of "so what? Big deal." to me. So we got "crystal clear digital reception" now. That was only if the antenna was pointing in the right direction. Otherwise you got a perfectly black screen. Art least with analog we could sort of make out the picture through the snow and ghosties.

Sure, it's convenient to have a weather channel on 7-3,but Icould find out that kind of info by a quick look out the window most of the time.

Extra kids channels? That's merely an excuse to put less kids programming on the regular channels.

The Spanish stations seem to be doubled up. What's the point of that?

New York Nonstop and LiveWell, have yet to impress me with their programming (although LiveWell did show Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speches uncut late one night).

And what's with that channel that only shows certain roadways and intersections?

But NBC's Universal Sports ans just given me programming that has me saying "All Is Forgiven!" The Paralympics! Legless hockey! Armless biathlon! Visually-impaired cross-county skiing! Before this channel, I was lucky to stumble upon a few highlight on Wide World of Sports or something, but now I am getting the full games and events!

I can;t wait till the summer games to watch wheelchair rugby!

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