Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little quirk about digital TV...

I suppose it is convenient for folks who prefer to watch their shows in Spanish that the new digital TV converter box remote control has a button to select languages right on it. However, it occasionally fools me.

A few months ago a surfed into an episode of "Family Guy" (a show I enjoy mostly for Brian and Stewie, not so much for Peter) and heard Spanish. I know the show occasionally throws these "meta" sort of things in, so I could completey accept the possibility that they decided to boradcast an entire episode in Spanish.I decided to give it a shot, and it was actually kind of funny for a while. But then it got a little wearing. But that was still in keeping with what I had come to expect from the show, something that's kinda funny that just kinda drags until all the humor has dissipated from the joke and you just wanna say "get on with it!" So I surfed away.

Then tonight I surfed into "Family Guy" again, and heard them speaking spanigh, but this time I checked the "audio" button onthe remote, and whataya know? It was set on Spanish! with the touch of a button I got back to English!

Funny how that happens.

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