Monday, July 6, 2009

Farrah Fawcett: Warrior

It was easy to see her as a "bubble-headed blonde" with that face, that body, that hair, and that poster, but Farrah was always a fighter and a warrior.

The easiest thing to recognize is her success as an actress and mode. One must work tirelessly to gain that level of success. But also she starred in the first TV show with a team of female fighters for justice, "Charlie's Angels."

"The Burning Bed" raised awareness of the issue of battered women, in no small part because of Farrah.s Emmy nomination and the mere fact that she was playing a role atypical for her.

Late in life she was an example of courage as she battled the cancer that ravaged her body.

As Los Angeles prepares for the thousands that will descend upon the Staples Center for the tribute to the "King of Pop," Let's remember Farrah for giving the term "celebrity" a better name.

Captain Zorikh

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