Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is Everyone Gay?

I just channel-surfed into Channel 13's late-night indie film. In an early scene a woman making a toast at a wedding says that she wants to make love to the bride.

Well, this movie had no swords, soldiers, or spaceships, so I surfed away and landed on "Family Guy." It was an episode about gay marriage.

Is everyone gay?

Wait, I just surfed back to the movie on channel 13. She was not talking about the bride, she was talking about the groom and his two best friends.

Wow, did I read that wrong. Maybe it's just because it seemed so much like a sign pof the times that I assumed it was the other thing.

Well, I guess I can't rant on how I hope that everyone gets over this whole gay marriage thing. Legalize it and move on.

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